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2018 ݱ Workbench 3.3 (VxWorks 6.9)
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ڿ workbench Ͽ ǽð ø̼ ϴµ ʿ , ȿ մϴ.

Windriver ǰ 60̳ Ϸ
Workbench VxWorks ̿Ͽ Ϸ
Workbench VxWorks ϴ ο Ʈ
Windriver ǰ Ϸ
VxWorks Ϸ

̷а ǽ 簡 ְϴ
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Ǵ κп ߾ workbench ȯ ڼϰ ǽ ֽϴ.
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̼ ϱ 䱸 ֽϴ.
VxWorks ̿ϴ ǽð ø̼ǿ Ͽ ϰ, ϰ, ϰ, ֽϴ.
ȿ VxWorks ֽϴ.
ŷڼְ Ʈ ֽϴ

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Getting Started Using VxWorks Shells
ᆞProduct Overview ᆞIntroduction to VxWorks Shells
ᆞWorkbench 3.x Features  ᆞHost Shell Commands, Help, and Usage 
ᆞProduct Delivery, Installation and Licensing  ᆞCommand-Line History and Editing 
ᆞHost Support  ᆞHost Shell Configuration 
ᆞVxWorks 6.x Features ᆞShell Interpreters 
Using the VxWorks Simulator  ᆞKernel Shell Comparison 
ᆞIntroduction to VxSim  ᆞHands-on: Host Shell 
ᆞRemote Systems Target Server Connections  Debugging in Wind River Workbench 
ᆞVxWorks Simulator Configuration ᆞDebugger Overview 
ᆞConnecting to VxSim ᆞSetting Breakpoints 
ᆞWind Debug Agent (WDB) ᆞTask Mode, System Mode Debugging 
ᆞVxWorks Simulator VxSim Lab ᆞGUI and Usage 
Hardware Target Connection  ᆞHands-on: Debugger 
ᆞTerms and Concepts  Real-Time Multitasking
ᆞHost to Target Connection  ᆞReal-Time Requirements 
ᆞHands-on: Getting Started (Hardware, Wind River Simics, or VxSim Target) ᆞTask States 
Managing Projects in Wind River Workbench ᆞTask Control 
ᆞIntroduction to Projects and Workspaces  ᆞPOSIX Support 
ᆞVxWorks Image Projects  ᆞSystem Tasks 
ᆞKernel Configuration  ᆞHands-on: Multitasking 
ᆞConfiguring Application Projects 
ᆞWorking Sets 
ᆞImport and Export 
ᆞBuild Properties, Specifications, and Output 
ᆞHands-on: Project Management 
3 4
VxWorks Events Memory 
ᆞEvent Register ᆞMemory Maps and Pools 
ᆞEvent Handling  ᆞMemory Allocation
ᆞTask Synchronization  ᆞMemory Management Routines
ᆞHands-on: Events  ᆞPartition Management
Semaphores ᆞHands-on: Memory 
ᆞSemaphores and Synchronization Real-Time Processes (RTPs)
ᆞEvents and Semaphores  ᆞRTP Model and MMU 
ᆞMutual Exclusion Semaphores  ᆞMemory Allocation 
ᆞHands-on: Semaphores  ᆞRTP Execution and Life Cycle 
Inter-task Communication ᆞDebugging RTPs 
ᆞShared Memory ᆞShared Library Usage 
ᆞMessage Queues ᆞPublic and Private Objects 
ᆞMessage Queue Events  ᆞDesign Considerations 
ᆞPipes ᆞHands-on: Real-Time Processes 
ᆞHands-on: Inter-task Communication  Exceptions, Interrupts, and Timers
ᆞException Handling and Signals 
ᆞInterrupt Service Routines 
ᆞTimers and the System Clock 
ᆞWatchdog Timers 
ᆞAuxiliary Clock 
ᆞHands-on: Exceptions, Interrupts, and Timers 
Error Detection and Reporting
ᆞError Reporting Framework
ᆞPersistent Memory
ᆞError Detection and Reporting Configuration
ᆞError Records
ᆞHands-on: Error Detection and Reporting
System Viewer
ᆞSystem Viewer
ᆞSystem Viewer Configuration, Management, and Use 
ᆞTriggering Interface 
ᆞUser Events
ᆞHands-on: System Viewer 
2018 ݱ BSP (VxWorks 6.x)
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