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Acetec supplies innovative products with its low-power, high performance and low cost together with overseas partner company has been played a front-runner role in military & aerospace market more than last 24 years. We have consulted optimum solution in the industrial site continuously to provide high available system (Embedded Solution, M&S Solution, Middleware Solution, RTOS and so on) in navy, military, air force, satellite area.


  • Customer Consulting Product system consulting
  • Design Consulting Customer customized system design proposal
  • System Construction Purchasing product solution guideline suggestion
  • Technical Support and Service Technical support and technical service for applied solution
  • Verification/Inspection Support product evaluation
  • The service based on relevant product provides the performance and reliability adhere to relevant standard for the supporting function on both SW and HW.
  • Acetec performs various customer support activity to guarantee the reliability and cost-effectiveness in the product and service the customer want.
  • We provide product and service consulting and also design, construction and realization to provide total solution and support improved product and service after check related technical support and user's evaluation after use.


  • Abaco Systems High Performance Embedded Computing

    Put top priority on customer's satisfaction by providing customer focused ruggedized embedded computing products for 30 years with global leading product in open architecture ruggedized embedded system field.

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  • SMART Embedded Computing Embedded Computing Solutions for a Wide Range of industries Power PC Architecture

    We have been doing our best effort to improve VMEbus technology continuously and provide Freescale processor based most widespread Single Board Computer (SBC) using power architecture.

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  • Embedded Digital Signal Processing Systems_PENTEK Setting the Standard for Digital Signal Processing

    Embedded computer board & recording system for DSP, software, radio and data collection. AMC, XMC, FMC, cPCI, PCIe and VPX type high speed digital and analog interface COTS product and FPGA suitable to ruggedized environment.

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  • Middleware DDS Connectivity Software for Industrial IoT

    Control and monitoring particular industrial IoT system.

    • Develop connected Apps and Devices
    • Integrate Everything
    • Implement an Open Architecture
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  • Radar Product Sensor Processing and Display Solutions

    Sensor treatment and display solution provides the H/W for system test, simulation, training or radar video and streaming and also provides radar signal high performance radar scan converter software.

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  • Synthetic Environment Rendering Software Solution Finder for Physics Based Sensor Simulation

    SE-Workbench product group is reliable and stable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and it provides various synthetic environment solution for multi sensor simulation of infrared light (Electro-Optic: Visible, Infrared, Laser), Radio-Frequency: Radar and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems)) and so on.

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  • Aerospace / Satellite
  • Flight / Ship simulator
  • Missile Control
  • Image processing
  • Digital Signal processing
  • Radar/Sonar
  • Fire control
  • MIL-Test Equipment
  • UAV & GCS
  • Ground/Unmanned
    Control System
  • Aviation/Unmanned Air Vehicle
    Ground forces/Unmanned air vehicle/Corps/Division/Medium altitude unmanned air vehicle/GCS
    Realtime computer
  • Marine/Underwater
    FFX Series
    PKX Series
  • Precision Strike
  • Commend and Control
    Satellite communication system
    Reconnaissance information collection system
    Electronic warfare system
    Electronic jamming system
  • Surveillance Patrol
    Thermal observation device
    Video radar
    Reconnaissance information collection system
    Search radar
    Target detecting device