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A company has various future and wide vision

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Acetec have been contributed to the development of the embedded industry in Korea with various products supply, technical support and R&D service on military & aerospace, automation and telecom & networking field for more than 20 years since its establishment until so far and fulfilling the demand of customers and market with continuous R&D investment and accelerating on new product development.

We are providing optimum solution to poor industrial environment by developing desktop type fanless IPC for the first time.

Embedded industry becomes a major part of future growth engine of 21st Century according to the development of relevant technology such as electronics, semiconductor, telecommunication and so on. We, Acetec, are dealing with the market flow with our business ethics of transparent management with the company structure for technology securing of embedded solution based on the market demands and high value creation.

The executives and staff members of Acetec will carve out new market based on our progressive challenging and creative management innovation in the future. We will be a company doing our best effort to fulfill the expectation of customers and stockholders by realizing various and wide vision in the future. Thank you!