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Acetec plays a front-runner role in domestic telecom & networking market and raising ourselves as best company in domestic market by unifying core embedded software in diversified market with our know-how. We support to develop more superior product by putting the expenses quickly and effectively.


  • Customer Consulting Products Detailed View Shortcut
  • Design Consulting Customer customized system design proposal
  • System Construction Purchasing product solution guideline suggestion
  • Technical Support and Service Technical support and technical service for applied solution
  • Verification/Inspection Support product evaluation
  • The service based on relevant product provides the performance and reliability adhere to relevant standard for the supporting function on both SW and HW.
  • Acetec performs various customer support activity to guarantee the reliability and cost-effectiveness in the product and service the customer want.
  • We provide product and service consulting and also design, construction and realization to provide total solution and support improved product and service after check related technical support and user's evaluation after use.


  • Form Factor : SMART Embedded Computing Embedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries

    SMART Embedded Computing
    SMART Embedded Computing platform provides general purpose dense architecture and achieves maximum computing and media processing density providing the service to network edge.

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  • Form Factor : SMART Embedded ComputingEmbedded computing solutions for a wide range of industries

    We have been doing our best effort to improve VMEbus technology continuously and provide Freescale processor based most widespread Single Board Computer (SBC) using power architecture.

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  • Real-Time Operating System & Middleware SoftwareThe software for building devices, machines, and systems for the Internet of Things

    Embedded computer board & recording system for DSP, software, radio and data collection. AMC, XMC, FMC, cPCI, PCIe and VPX type high speed digital and analog interface COTS product and FPGA suitable to ruggedized environment.

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  • Super Computing solution
  • High Performance Computing
  • Satellite voice transcipient application
  • Satellite data transcipient application
  • Voice/data compression application
  • Satellite voice transcipient application image processing system
  • Provides RTOS product and professional service
  • Design and consulting to construct real-time OS application system
    BSP for VxWorks Porting, Device Driver Porting etc.