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High Performance Computing

The demand for HPC is increasing at public institution, school, laboratory and so on because the importance of data processing speed is continuously increased according to the increasing of mass data and information such as big data, UHD/FHD, simulation and so on. High Density Compute Accelerator provides differential product with other HPCs by using GPU not CPU.

  • 1U 5500/5600-Series Server

    1U NEBS-compliant server is equipped with Intel® 5500 series Server Board, two Intel® Xeon® 2.0Ghz or 2.53Ghz quad-core processors, a 550W AC or DC output power supply or dual 750W AC or DC power supplies, a fixed 2½" internal drive shuttle.

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  • Expansion Optimized Server

    The 2U server revolutionizes the capabilities of homogenous systems containing closely coupled processors, solid-state storage and accelerator co-processing elements such as GPGPUs, Intel Xeon Phi and FPGAs. The 2U EOS contains the newest Intel E5-2600 v3

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  • 3U 5000 Series Server

    OSS offers a variety of custom server configurations to best fit a variety of applications. Server capabilities include rackmount, specialized, military rugged, high density, and HPC variations.Optimized for PCIe over Cable Expansion. Simple, Reliable.

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