The Culture in Acetec

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The Culture in Acetec

  • Creativity

    We will be a company grows the creativity using the culture recreates each different opinions and characteristic idea of each Div.s meeting our company, and the culture compensates and acknowledges if anyone works hard regardless of academic ability, personal connections and blood relationship and the brain and idea of all member of our organization.
  • Love

    Work is a human life itself. Work is not only for maintaining a livehood but also identical to a mission given to everyone living in the present. One of the most difficult thing is doing work with pleasant mind. We will constantly make an effort to draw the culture of our company to love the work.
  • Challenge

    The future has several names. It is the thing cannot reach to the weak people and unknown thing to the timid people. However, it is the chance to the brave people. We will make the culture of company cheers and encourages each of company members to challenge on the change and to overcome the fear."